Meet JD Brosius

JD BROSIUS – Tattooer at Never Say Die Tattoo

Ever since I was a little tyke, I scribbled on anything I could get my fat little digits on. Paper, cardboard, drywall, the coffee table, my little brother. You name it, I was defacing it.

In 2010, I pursued a chance at something I had always been curious about. The art of tattooing. I began an apprenticeship @ Never Say Die Tattoo while also working as a full time plumber, and took in everything I could. I became a sponge so to speak.

In April of 2012, I finished my apprenticeship and started tattooing. Legitimately. Professionally.

So here I am, still a youngster in my new found voyage, still learning all I can. I will say this…I am IN LOVE with my ‘job”(strong emphasis on the quotations.) I don’t really feel like this is a “job.” I draw all the time. On people. Then they go about their lives, wearing my mark to the grave. I couldn’t be happier and more humbled by this.

CLICK HERE to view JD’s gallery.

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